Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Terms Of Use

- You may include my downloads in your sims, if you do so, link back to this post (or tag me, #whitecrowsims, on tumblr if you want me to see your posts)

- You may recolor/retexture my meshes, please take sure to remove the mesh before uploading the creation to take sure only your work is included!

- You may not use part of my textures/meshes for new creations, I do not condone that


I am using Milkshape3D, Blender, Sims4Studio, Gimp 2.8, and occasionally Sims3MultipackInstaller aswell as S3PE (for convertions only) to create my CC


My Sims are not uploaded anywhere, nor do I play on uploading them (I basically change them way too often or lose them to stick with one single Sim)


If I miss out on crediting something on my photos, please do tell me so :)

Thank you, and Happy Simming!

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