Samstag, 6. Mai 2017

Slight Scuffle - Sims 3 Store Hair converted

Hello everybody,

long time no see. ;)

I have (or haven't) been pretty busy IRL these past months. Moving out, getting a new job, moving in another apartment again, and so on!
I still love to play TS4, but I am more into bulding right now. However I do try to create and upload CC more frequently from now on.

Let's get to business, not wise because some peeps in this community became extremly fucking hypocritical about it! :>

I have yet converted another hair from The Sims 3. This time it's from the beloved Store which I liked waaay more than these thousands of APs that were brought out now. Not to forget that most of the Store content was better looking and more worth the price.

It comes in 12 custom colors to choose from in Pooklet's texture, is for Male Sims only (might try to remove the gender tag if you want to try it on females - I personally haven't).
This hair, unlike my previous CC, is not compatible with any HQ modifications. I rather have my game less loading times than to spam my download folder with tons of massive CC.

Mittwoch, 28. September 2016

Seperated Shower Head!

Umm.. hey again!

Personally, I don't play the game as often but when I do, I like to build and stuff, and it always kind of bothered me that the showers (for me, in the base game at least) look so.. simple and boring? I don't know about you, but you always have those 4 walls that your sims get into, take a quick wishi washi, and leave like your last one-night-stand which you have high hopes in but never going to see again (I see you, dude number 1, 4, and 5).

So I thought why not remove those walls to have the actual shower head only! It was a quick way to do it, but it gives so many possibilities to build fancy custom showers.

- 2 color options (recolor this on your own as you wish, read my TOU please)
- fits automatically on diagonal walls, needs to be fitted with the Alt button for straight walls
- Base Game compatible
- I am unaware how "the diddlybob" will work with this

Download File-Upload:           

Download Mediafire:              

Montag, 26. September 2016

Sound of the Underground - Dress for female sims

Hello everybody,

I made a new dress, and I am currently thinking of what to name it. I am kind of obsessed with bodysuits lately and didn't feel like making something that simple as I usually do.

-10 swatches
-HQ compatible
-mesh by the lovely Sims2fanbg

Download File-Upload:            

Download MediaFire:               

Mittwoch, 7. September 2016

Dangerous Woman - Lingerie for female Sims


Second and last upload for this week. I'll be in Berlin from Monday to Friday, and somewhy I have a great mood in general these days, hence I am so productive :D

I so rarely do clothes, but now that I figured out stuff I made something working - for once.
This Lacesuit is kind of inspired by Ariana Grande in "Dangerous Woman", I am, however, put my own ideas into it instead of creating anything "as seen on". #inb4SimSecretBashingMeAgainForBeingUntalentedWhenItComesToRecreatingClothes which is kind of right, kind of.

-12 colors
-compatible with HQ Mod by Alf-si



I hope you enjoy!

Montag, 5. September 2016

Eyeliner Set 1-13


I was in need of some basic (some of them are kinda fancy) eyeliners that would work with the HQ Mod, so I made some. 13 in fact. Results may depend on your sims' eyeshape. All in one package. All come in plain black.

Um yeah. All the important stuff is on top of the post.


-Both sims have the Adriana Skin by Ms.Blue (moles are also made by her!)
-Eyes and eyebrows by Alf-si
-Hair by Jakeasims and Hollowsims
-Lashes by kijioko
-Lipsticks by Sims3Melancholic and ScreamingMustard

Freitag, 26. August 2016

Pillowtalk - Coolsims 48 (?) converted

Hey everyone,

I was perving around on Garden Of Shadows and saw someone retexturing this hair, and I loved it! It's a really nice quality mesh (as always by Anto). I usually don't dig hair that is so long but it's so smooth.

-HQ Mod compatible (it doesn't look that sharp without, sorry! :v)
-17 colors
-Polycount slightly over 20k

-Skin by 1000-formsoffear
-Eyebrows by Alf-si
-Eyes by Alf-si

Samstag, 20. August 2016

Tassel Necklace


I have unusual much free time right now, and what's a better way to waste that than with creating more Custom Content?!

I saw a similar necklace to this online and thought it was uber chic. The only time I've seen tassel being used was in my Grandparents' house.. like tableclothing and vintage stuff like that, you know?

I was trying out SRWE for this photo, and I love it! You can take pictures in such high resolution without having to snap 3 photos, editing them all together, and combining them into one. 1 of 10 does recommend.

- Necklace comes in 5 colored tassel versions
- Custom Mesh by me
- Custom Shadow Map (has a great ambient effect in my opinion)
- HQ Mod compatible (these photos were taken with it)
- Polycount: 4092, Medium


- Hair by HallowSims
- Skin by Salem (Kylie Skin)
- Freckles by PralineSims
- Eyebrows by Alf-si