Samstag, 6. Mai 2017

Slight Scuffle - Sims 3 Store Hair converted

Hello everybody,

long time no see. ;)

I have (or haven't) been pretty busy IRL these past months. Moving out, getting a new job, moving in another apartment again, and so on!
I still love to play TS4, but I am more into bulding right now. However I do try to create and upload CC more frequently from now on.

Let's get to business, not wise because some peeps in this community became extremly fucking hypocritical about it! :>

I have yet converted another hair from The Sims 3. This time it's from the beloved Store which I liked waaay more than these thousands of APs that were brought out now. Not to forget that most of the Store content was better looking and more worth the price.

It comes in 12 custom colors to choose from in Pooklet's texture, is for Male Sims only (might try to remove the gender tag if you want to try it on females - I personally haven't).
This hair, unlike my previous CC, is not compatible with any HQ modifications. I rather have my game less loading times than to spam my download folder with tons of massive CC.

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